ViperTex Software

ViperTex is our premium Time & Attendance, Payroll and Human Ressource Management software. Developed and refined since 1997, we are confident in saying it is the best we've seen. There are many ways we could describe our software, but if we had to chose only 3 criterias, they would be:

  • Powerful
  • User Friendly
  • Highly Customizable

Trust us, we assure you that you will be satisfied.

Premium Package







Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance profiles and overtime rules

Extremely flexible shift configuration and scheduling

User configurable breaks of type fixed, flexible and work range

Automatic calculations of contracted time, worked overtime and allowances based on user-defined rules

Full control of all overtime using overtime appoval

All calculations done automatically by the database server

Special support for overtime authorisation and permissions

Work schedules and rosters for each employee; Attendance pair matching against daily schedule

Cost allocation to other departments can be done against individual attendance pairs and manual payroll transactions

Bulk data management for support of attendance, permission, overtime approval and schedule

Employee clock-cards easily generated & printed from existing employee database (only when used with a barcode system)

Complete suite of integrated reports gives access to information at any given time

Leave management that allows for easy insertion of leaves taking into account the leave entitlement, with checks against working days, sundays & public holidays

Leave entitlement periods are user-definable in units of days, weeks, months and years

Consecutive leave report shows employees having taken leaves consecutively for a specified number of days, with option to show employees who haven't

Automatically generate all time related transactons, which amount to approx 95% of all payroll transactions; These can be exported to text and excel formats as well as directly to third-party databases (uses DTM; See below)

Completely date based system-reflecting movements in company, department, occupation, job grade, category and calendar profile links

Fully integrated with morpho biometric readers for template and transaction management with the viperlink communication driver

Reports in any format (excel, csv, pdf, word ...)


Works seamlessly with time & attendance module

Multi company and/or pay sites

Fully date based with complete employee history

Common employee pay-profile configurations

Flexible configurable formulae


Recurring items

Payroll transactions for one-off payment and deductions

Transactions importing and export via excel

Multiple salary payment instructions

Flexible loan module


Interim payroll runs

Reports in any format (excel, csv, pdf, word ...)

Human Ressources

Employee self service

Employee documentation


Reports in any format (excel, csv, pdf, word ...)

Customer Management

Line of business, resource types and resources

Contract class (e.g. permanent, temporary, ad-hoc)

Manage customers, customer sites and contracts

Site resource requirements by day type, shift start and end times, resource cost

Employee resource and site links. employees can be flagged as posted or roaming

Resource planning by automatic scheduling of employees based on the configured contract requirements

Employee assignments by posted employee list view or site-resource planning view for date range

Management for casualty (absenteeism), double shift, roster/off, leave, overtime

Fully integrated into time & attendance module

T&A benefits integrated for resource planning (meal, transport)

Integrated reports for easy management of the system (contract end status, sales monthly report, duty roster report, manpower report, monthly schedule of duties, casualty report, etc…)

Access Control

Multiple zones

Base zones types where all templates are transferred to these readers automatically

Access control zones where specific access must be granted

Assignment of reader to specific zones

Job Allocation

Configuration of worksite, workzones and tasks

Attendance pair splitting against tasks, automatically generating transactions with appropriate cost allocation codes for basic and overtime

Automatic task allocation through our shift task link and time attendance terminal workzone link

Reports on cost allocation by worksite, workzone, tasks and employee

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Safran Morpho are the top-dogs when it comes to Biometric and Swipe Card readers. We firmly believe in the quality of their products. So much so that we have been their official retailers in Mauritius since 2002.

ViperTex OLGA

Because we strive to offer our clients the best, when asked for a GPRS/GPS Mobile reader, we at VisionWay decided to make our own. We were asked for a reader that would answer the following requirements:

Mobile (GPRS/GPS)


User Friendly


Hence, the birth of our very own Fringerprint Reader: ViperTex O.L.G.A. It is equipped with a Safran Morpho Fingerprint Sensor, but with added functionality that Safran Readers don't provide, as to answer the previously mentioned requirements.

Sigma Series

The Sigma series are the latest fingerprint readers by Safran Morpho. With cutting edge modern technology including:

VideoPhone Function (Sigma)

Built-in Camera (Sigma)

Fake Finger Detection

Duress Finger

Single Door Access Control

Banned / Authorized user list

Colorful Touch Screen (Sigma Light Plus and Sigma)

Intuitive icons and live messages (Sigma Light Plus and Sigma)

Full Catalog

Regardless of what your requirements are, whether it be a card option, added security, weather proofing, enrolment, display, mobility, sleek design, or budget friendliness, we have the reader for you. Feel free to consult our Full Catalog to compare our different products and see which one best suits your need.


Our products are used by many companies big and small that operate in a wide range of industries. As a matter of fact, our clients employee numbers range anywhere from 6 to 6000, and come from sectors as varied as Hospitality, Banking & Financial Services, Mining & Industrial, Construction & Engineering, Retail & Consumer, Guarding, Transport to name a few.

For a better view on our clients, don't hesitate to view Our Client's page.