About Us

Created in 1997, our motto has always been "Our Vision is to make your company more efficient. Our mission is to show you the Way". A motto in which we believed so firmly that we named our company after it. And so a journey began. The journey to create the best Time&Attendance software solution on the market.

Wanting to offer a holistic solution to our clients, we then started to integrate our software to Safran Morpho biometric readers back in 2002, before Sagem bought Bioscript. We are proud to say that we pioneered biometric solutions in Mauritius, and were among the first to offer such services in other African countries. Having perfected our solutions, our software now works seamlessly with Safran Morpho readers.

We have never stopped perfecting our software, which now also includes Payroll. Our ViperTex Cloud solution is now the best cloud based Time&Attendance and Payroll software we have seen. With it, we are able to offer our premium services to a wider variety of companies, as well as making our software easier to use by offering an on-the-go seamless experience.

We are now firmly planted in Mauritius, with a solid Client Portfolio. We are also present in other African countries like Botswana, South Africa, and Seychelles. We are now ready to sell internationally thanks to our seamless and on-the-go cloud based solution.