Morpho Access VP-Bio

Morpho Access VP-Bio Long Description.



Morpho Access VP-Bio Long Description.

Additional Information

Environment Outdoors
Default Database Capacity 5,000 users (2 templates each)
Upgraded Database Capacity 10,000
Authentication Type Biometric
Biometric Recognition Fingerprint & Finger Vein
Function Identification
Access Control
Optical Sensor
Fingerprint Image Definition Normal
Graphical Display  –
Icons and Live Messages  –
Identification Speed 1 second (for 1 to 500 users), 1.5 seconds (for 1 to 5000 users)
Authentication Speed none
Accuracy FAR (False Acceptance Rate) down to 10^-8 (with Finger Vein Recognition, FAR is 10 times lower than other readers)
Operation Modes POE (Power Over Ethernet) and WIFI option
Security Anti-Tamper & Anti-pulling switches
Fake Finger Detection  –
Duress Finger  –
SDAC (Single Door Access Control)  –
Banned / Authorized user list  –
In / Out Buttons  –
Portable  –
GPS Option  –
Antenna Option  –
Solar Pannel Option  –
Videophone Function  –
Camera  –