ViperTex OLGA

  • Mobile (GPRS/GPS)
  • Robust
  • User Friendly
  • Customizable


Because we strive to offer our clients the best, when asked for a GPRS/GPS Mobile reader, we at VisionWay decided to make our own. We were asked for a reader that would answer the following requirements:

  • Mobile (GPRS/GPS)
  • Robust
  • User Friendly
  • Customizable

Hence, the birth of our very own Fringerprint Reader: ViperTex O.L.G.A. It is equipped with a Safran Morpho Fingerprint Sensor, but with added functionality that Safran Readers don’t provide, as to answer the previously mentioned requirements.

Why the name OLGA?

We first started conceiving this new fingerprint reader for companies in the mining industry. Other than the essential need for a mobile reader, those clients also wanted to stop 2 recurring problems they had with other readers: physical damage and theft.

This reminded us of a funny story we had heard. It’s about a guy (let’s call him Bob) who used to date a girl who was way out of his league. For although Bob wasn’t very good looking, nor very rich, his girlfriend looked like a supermodel. Right now you’re probably thinking “lucky Bob”, right?. But what you fail to realize is that Bob lived in constant stress, for 2 reasons:

  1. He couldn’t sustain her financialy, as she was way to high maintenance.
  2. He lived in constant fear of losing her to some other better looking, richer guy.

After growing one too many gray hairs, Bob decided to dump said model and downgraded to the ugliest chick he had ever dated. Her name? Olga. This solved his 2 problems, as not only did she cost him much less, but he was relieved by the certainty that she would never cheat on him or replace him. Bob and Olga lived happily ever after.

But is Olga just an ugly robust reader?


What started kind of as a joke quickly became a passion project. We have been working around and with fingerprint readers for nearly 15 years, and are thus very well versed in the gap between the capabilities of current readers and the specific needs of our clients. So we decided to make Olga the best reader we’ve seen, that can answer key requirements other readers can’t. To do this, we collaborated with TLC in order to create the most unique mobile reader to date. Hence the list of the specifications that make it so special:

  • Mobile with GPRS (GPS Option).
  • Clock In and Clock Out buttons, to make the transaction process easier for the software.
  • Battery Backup.
  • Extended GPRS Signal with Antenna Option.
  • Extended Battery life span and autonomy with Solar Panel Option.

Additional Information

Environment Outdoors
Default Database Capacity 500 users
Upgraded Database Capacity 3,000
Authentication Type Biometric
Biometric Recognition Fingerprint
Function Identification
Access Control
Optical Sensor 500 dpi (dots per inch) – 14 x 22 mm – 256 grey levels
Fingerprint Image Definition Normal
Graphical Display
Icons and Live Messages  –
Identification Speed 1.5 seconds (for 1 to 5000 users)
Authentication Speed none
Accuracy FAR (False Acceptance Rate) down to 10^-8
Operation Modes GPRS
Security Anti-Tamper & Anti-pulling switches
Fake Finger Detection
Duress Finger  –
SDAC (Single Door Access Control)  –
Banned / Authorized user list  –
In / Out Buttons
GPS Option
Antenna Option
Solar Pannel Option
Videophone Function  –
Camera  –